Jurukon Malaysia is a land surveying consultancy firm specializing in the following fields:

  1. Cadastral Surveys
    This category covers planning and subdivision surveys, strata titles applications and survey, perimeter and verification surveys, planimetric and higher order control surveys (using GPS) to name just a few.
  2. Engineering / Topographical Surveys
    The consultancy for such works includes boundary locations, height controls, levelling, offset survey, alignment and profiling surveys, monumenting and flood level studies.
  3. Hydrographical Survey
    Most of the firm works involves inland waterways surveys, coastal seabed studies and occasionally deep seabed profiling.
  4. Planning and Land Development Services
    These categories of services includes feasibility studies, urban and rural planning (Subdivision and partition of family holdings). For preparation of planning brief our Associate Town Planner undertakes the responsibility. The partners who are registered with the State Planning Authorities also provide clients with land lease extension and conversion services.

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